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Job Description

Immunova is committed to providing exceptional leadership to every employee. As a people leader, both presently or in the future, you will be expected to set an example and foster a culture of inclusivity. You will be responsible for actively seeking out talented individuals, nurturing their growth and development, and ensuring their long-term retention within the company. Furthermore, you will be instrumental in empowering teams to work together, align their efforts, and achieve their objectives.

We are currently seeking a self-motivated individual to join our company as a Research Scientist. The ideal candidate will possess extensive knowledge in immunology and biology, specifically in T cell biology and gene engineering. The preferred candidate should be able to operate independently, while also collaborating effectively with other members of the team or other functional teams in order to achieve project milestones.


  • Lead the design of studies and conduct experiments tailored to platform development or early discovery projects, using appropriate fit-for-purpose or hypothesis-based methods.

  • Provide scientific expertise and thorough data interpretation to guide decision-making at both team and stakeholder levels.

  • Record and document experimental findings to support future patent and/or IND applications.

  • Develop and lead the plan for assay development in next-generation CAR T products or early discovery projects.

  • Efficiently multitask and collaborate within a cross-functional team environment.

  • Effectively communicate complex scientific concepts, both verbally and in written format, to diverse audiences.

  • Foster a culture of innovation and teamwork by contributing to an engaging and stimulating work environment.

  • Provide guidance and mentorship to junior scientists through formal and informal settings.

  • Be willing to undertake additional responsibilities as needed to adapt to changes in business processes.

Basic Qualifications:

  • Doctorate OR

  • Master’s and 6+ years of scientific experience OR

  • Bachelor’s and 8+ years of scientific experience OR

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Familiarity with human T cell development, differentiation, exhaustion, and relevant signaling pathways.

  • Experience in gene editing or engineering, including knowledge of ZFN, CRISPR-based systems, and viral/nonviral vectors.

  • Proficiency in experimental design, data analysis, interpretation, and presentation, with a strong attention to detail.

  • Hands-on experience in primary T cell culture and related assays (e.g. cytotoxicity assays, cell proliferation assays), multi-color flow cytometry, ddPCR, and data analysis tools (FACSDiva, FlowJo, GraphPad, Prism, Excel).

  • Knowledge of cell metabolism pathways or scRNA-seq data analysis is considered a plus.

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

  • A self-motivated individual, with a strong desire to learn and grow within an exciting work environment.

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